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Ep. 2: Radio Ga Ga

25 March 2020

Ever wondered why you never get to listen to news or current affairs on FM channels? The government of India, for the last two decades, has persistently refused to allow community and private FM channels from broadcasting news and current affairs. In this episode of In Flux, Torsha Sarkar and Gurshabad Grover discuss their work on this news broadcast ban, and go on to speak about the constitutional ethos of media freedom and free speech, and propose an alternative regulatory framework to govern speech on FM channels.

Reading List

Examining the Constitutionality of the Ban on Broadcast of News by Private FM and Community Radio Stations

Ep. 1: The Great Hack(er)

11 March 2020

On the first episode of In Flux, we are joined by CIS veteran Karan Saini who talks us through his work as a security researcher. We then discuss the policy avenues for the government to engage more closely with security researchers to create a robust framework for disclosure and exploitation of vulnerabilities. How is a hacker different from a security researcher? What is the nature of offensive operations being undertaken by the government? How did Jeff Bezos’s phone get hacked, and should we be scared?

Reading List

Should the Jeff Bezos ‘phone hack’ be cause for alarm?
Improving the Processes for Disclosing Security Vulnerabilities to Government Entities in India